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Headache & Migraine Treatment
The Mornington Peninsula Headache clinic has a team of professional health consultants trained in relieving the pain of chronic migraines and headaches.

The Mornington Peninsula Headache clinic uses a safe, effective and reliable treatment based on the latest research to successfully treat the cause of chronic head pain.
Our Approach



We Understand Chronic Headache & Migraine Pain. You are not alone.

If you or someone you love suffers from chronic migraines and headaches, you understand how debilitating it can be. Headaches can take the enjoyment out of life, cause frustration and affect mental health. The cycle of pain and avoiding triggers impacts the sufferer, their family, their work and their general wellbeing.

You may feel you have tried everything with no relief. It doesn’t mean there is no solution, or no treatment. You may have been diagnosed and treated for the headache symptoms and not the cause. We can diagnose and treat the underlying neck issue which causes headaches in 80% of sufferers.

Which Best Describes Your Situation?

Our Approach

You are probably wondering why you haven't heard of this headache and migraine treatment before or why the ‘experts’ have not directed you towards this therapy.

Neck based treatment for headaches and migraines have quite rightly been marginalised for its lack of effectiveness. At best the standard therapies achieve short-term results, which often get sold as long term remedies, leading to long treatment programs that invariably gain little.

Rather than recognise that the neck based headache and migraine treatment is being effective (even if only in the short term) the lack of long term results causes the baby to be thrown out with the bathwater.

The fact is there is a beneficial effect, but the tools are not the right ones for the job. Standard hands on techniques are designed to treat localized pain and stiffness, not to desensitise an overstimulated nervous system. This is a critical difference and understanding this has led to significant developments.

We have treated thousands of headache and migraine sufferers just like you who don’t believe there is a solution, who don’t know why they are suffering, and who feel the medical system has let them down.

Using techniques solely dedicated to the effective treatment headache and migraine, we now have the expertise to identify this condition, correct it and show you how to self manage.

We don’t treat every person that comes into the clinic. We assess you and look for three key signs that you have a reversible condition in your neck that is directly causing your condition. If we can’t show you that your condition is reversible, or that it is directly causing your symptoms, we don’t treat you.


Our Promise to You

No one can guarantee a ‘cure’ for your migraine or headaches.

What Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic can guarantee is we will know from the first assessment if we can help.

We start by identifying three key factors:

1. You have a neck issue.
2. The issue is reversible.
3. We can directly link the issue to your chronic headache or migraine symptoms.

We won’t waste your time. If we don’t confirm these 3 factors, we won’t treat you.

If we do confirm these 3 factors (which we do in 80% of patients), we will continue treating you with the Watson Headache ® Approach.

We want to hear your story. We want to understand how you’ve tried to manage your chronic headaches or migraines. Let us help.