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Tension headache treatment that works

Do you feel like your head is in a vice? Tension-type headaches are the most common type of headache. It is often described as feeling like your head is being squeezed, with a tight band of pain around your head.

Living with tension headaches

If you suffer from tension headaches, you may be frustrated at the lack of effective treatment options. Aside from medication, you have probably received lots of well meaning advice to relax, take up yoga, get a massage or try not to stress out.

These things are all good for your general health and wellbeing and may help manage the triggers. But they don’t deal with the underlying cause of your tension headache. We do.

The facts about tension headaches

Research shows 80% of tension headache sufferers have a neck problem causing their headaches. Tension headaches:
• are not related to spasm of scalp muscles. They are related to the muscles in the top of the neck under the base of the skull
• result from increased activity in part of the brainstem housing the nerves for the head, neck and face.

A majority of tension headache sufferers have increased stress at the top of the neck as a result of their ‘head forward’ posture. This increased stress at the top of the neck, causes a neck fault which isn’t corrected by sitting or relaxing. This fault causes the overstimulation of the brainstem, which leads to headaches. Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic consultants will identify, treat and correct this fault.

Treatment to last

We understand what causes the neck fault, which leads to your tension-type headaches. We can identify it, treat it and show you how to self manage it, all in the space of a few weeks. We can help you take control of your headaches.

The latest research shows the Watson Headache ® Approach used by the Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic treats the underlying cause of your headache, not just the symptoms.

Talk to the Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic for a lasting, natural and safe solution to managing your headaches.

myHeadache simple four-step treatment process

Step 1: Your consultant will assess you to identify if you have a small neck fault causing your headaches. We find this issue in 80% of headache sufferers.
Step 2: If we identify the neck fault, we use specific testing to prove it is the cause of your headache symptoms, and begin a 2-week treatment plan using our hands-on techniques.
Step 3: If you show improvement over 2 weeks (like over 95% of our patients), we continue treatment for an average of 2-3 more sessions.
Step 4: We make sure you have the resources to self-manage your neck issues and headaches in the long-term.

 You’ll know from the first consultation if Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic can help you.