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No neck pain doesn’t mean no neck issue

You don’t have to be experiencing neck pain for the neck to be a cause of your headache symptoms.

Everyone we have successfully treated at myHeadache has the same small fault at the top of their neck. This fault may have been overlooked, misdiagnosed or not treated with appropriate techniques.

Most people with the fault experience pain or pressure under the base of the skull, but 30% of people have no neck pain at all. Just like people with flat feet or fallen arches don’t often experience foot pain, they may suffer knee, hip or back pain as a result. In all cases where the fault is found, it causes overstimulation in the brainstem. This overstimulation is like a time bomb. If a trigger sets it off, you experience a headache or migraine.

We can treat the fault, and make a real difference to your quality of life.

We use a hands on technique known as the Watson Headache ® Approach, specifically designed to find and treat the neck fault causing head pain.

Let’s start the process by assessing if you have the neck fault.