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To provide the opportunity for a unique and highly skilled assessment of your headache and migraine, based on the latest research and evidence based practice, to act with honesty and integrity, and to uphold The Migraineur’s Bill of Rights.

Unique and highly skilled assessment:

Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic is one of a small number of dedicated headache treatment facilities in Australia, and staffed by Australia’s most experienced clinicians – led by [Rodney Rossetto] ([Mornington]). The Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic was among the first to be certified in the Watson Headache ® Approach and among the first to provide dedicated and specific access to the techniques we employ. This provides a unique environment with access to clinicians whose prime focus is on headache and migraine rather than it being a small parcel of a more general mix of other conditions.

Honesty and Integrity:

The Mornington Peninsula Headache Clinic prides itself on educating clients every step of the way. You will be very clear what the underlying problem is and what the aim of treatment is. We know we can’t help everyone, and we are very clear in the first assessment who we can help and who we can’t. Our assessment and treatment techniques allow us to be very precise and predict with 90% accuracy who we can and cannot help. We will not treat those who we believe we cannot help, as we refuse to be part of the “over promise and under-deliver” model that is so commonly presented to our clients.

Uphold The Migraineur’s Bill of Rights – in particular section 4 and 5.

4. I have the right to be referred to a specialist – for example, a neurologist, a headache specialist or headache clinic if my headaches do not respond to my primary physician’s treatment

5. I have the right to receive specific headache therapy, if needed, instead of non-prescription drugs, narcotics, or combination analgesics that may increase the problem.

You will understand every step of the way what the problem is, what can be done to help and what you need to do to manage it.