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Do you feel like your head is in a vice?

Are you frustrated at being told:

“It’s just stress, just relax, try yoga or meditation……..Drink more water, Get your eyes tested, it’s bad posture, go and get a massage”

Some of these can be part of the issue, but is ignorant of the research which clearly shows you have an area of over stimulated nerves in the brainstem. Specifically, the nerves that go up to the head and face (trigeminal nerve) It is the same underlying problem all chronic headache sufferers have.

This over stimulation occurs in most cases due to a small previously unrecognized fault in the top of the neck. The nerves from the top of the neck feed directly into the ‘headache centre’ causing the problem.

We have identified this fault, know how to correct it (rather than just treat its symptoms – stiffness ort tightness under the base of the skull) and leave you in just a few short weeks of treatment with the tools to self manage and sustain this condition.

Futhermore, the research proves our techniques are the only hands on treatment that decrease this over activity. In other words – we treat the underlying cause of your headaches rather than treating the symptoms or triggers.

Time to give your headache the squeeze!


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Not only does the independent research show that:

80% of Tension Type Headache sufferers have a neck problem related to their headaches.

It also shows that:

  • Tension Type Headache Sufferers have an increased activity in part of the brainstem housing the nerves for the head and face.
  • The upper 3 nerves from the neck feed directly into this area
  • A majority of Tension Type Headache sufferers have increased stress at the top of the neck from head forward postures.
  • The increased stress at the top of the neck causes a small but significant (and previously misunderstood) fault, which causes the overstimulation of the brainstem.

We understand what causes this fault. We can identify it, reverse it and show you how to self manage it, all in the space of a few weeks. We can show you how to take control of your headaches.

This fault causes muscle spasm and tightness in the joints at the top of the spine. The extra information generated, by way of stretch, pressure, pain, and muscle contraction is fed back via nerves directly into the ‘headache centre’ in the brainstem causing it to become over stimulated. The latest research proves that the techniques used in this clinic decrease this overstimulation, directly treating the underlying reason for your headache, rather than just the symptoms.

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Do you want to know why your past neck treatment has failed to give more than short term relief?

We know exactly why this happens and can help you discover the key to a longer-term solution.

The key to the solution is in treating a small, previously unidentified fault in the top of the neck. Unfortunately standard therapy to treat the top of the neck usually results in short term relief because it only treats the muscle spasm and joint tightness, and is completely ignorant of the faults that cause them in. Our highly skilled therapists use a technique developed purely to assess and treat the underlying cause of headaches – an overactive brainstem, caused by these small faults. Discover these revolutionary techniques for yourself, correct the faults and begin your journey to a self-sustaining long-term solution.


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We can test for the underlying problem and treat in 80% of cases leading to lasting, self sustainable results in as little as a few weeks.

The most common techniques to examine the neck are not designed to test and treat headaches, but rather tightness and stiff in muscles and joints. Unfortunately simply correcting posture or massaging tired overworked muscles does not undo the mechanical changes that have occurred. This is why the most likely outcome of typical neck interventions is short-term relief of symptoms.

Thanks to the groundbreaking research and techniques developed by Australian Physiotherapist Dean Watson, we can now assess and successfully treat a previously undiagnosed condition in the top of the neck. We understand exactly why the neck is linked to your headache, and treat the cause, rather than just treat the symptoms. We know why standard techniques fail beyond short-term relief and can get you on the road to self-management in just a few weeks.


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